Re-design Website

Re-design your website!

Do you already have a website and do you want to modernize the site? With us you can have your website updated. We take over the content of your existing website and give it a modern twist.

What do you get with it?

  • Content management system (WordPress)
  • New modern design
  • In your own corporate identity
  • Suitable for mobile phones and tablets

More possibilities

For example, do you want a content management system where you keep track of changes yourself? Or integrate your website with social media such as Facebook and Twitter? Or a website that also looks good on a mobile phone or tablet ? Nowadays, websites are much more than flat pages with text and images. Your website is the calling card of you or your company. With RiseCommerce you can be sure that your website can last for a while!

Renew website from another CMS?

If you want to transfer your website from a different content management system, that is quite possible. We can transfer the content from systems such as Custom App, WordPress, Bootstrap, ModX and any other conceivable CMS. So you don't have to worry: we can renew your website this way too. If you want to adjust the texts or images, then that is of course also possible. With a completely new website, you can take it easy again.

Our experience

We have experience with transferring different websites from outdated systems to a new installation in WordPress . In most cases we can transfer the site like this. Sometimes there are customers who want to see the website in a new design, or want to optimize the site for mobile phones. We can get started with all these proposals and have since built up an extensive portfolio . Refresh website? No problem for us!

What is involved?

Please contact us and register to let us make your new website. We discuss together what conditions your new website must meet. You can continue to use your existing domain name and hosting. If you do not want that, we will discuss what works better for you. Then we will get started for you. Your new website can be online within a week.

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